Friday, March 13, 2009

Still Unsetlling Distracted...Mr. CinderFella Part 2

This has been the fastest and slowest week I've had in a while. I think after meeting the now infamous CinderFella, my brain has stayed in a mode of perpetual distraction. Which has been somewhat awesome for me...when I get distracted I am able to go into auto-pilot mode at work and I seemed to get ALOT more things accomplished.

My biggest problem this week has been inventing this amazing new life with CinderFella and our amazing (and completely nonexistent) relationship. So funny, I meet one person and suddently I'm ready to be in a long term relationship, even funnier is the fact that he is essentially a stranger and I know nothing about him.

Oh, these beautiful, pathetic, ironic ... Unrealistic Expectations.

Gotta hate them, gotta love them. Expectations are good...keeping them realistic is even better. My mind is teetering on the verge of my expectations of CinderFella and how wonderful he is. I know 5 facts about this guy...thats it.

I am the poster child for having unrealistic expectations.

So God, how does your word say to handle this...

2 Corinthians 10:5b "...we take EVERY thought (even ridiculously outrageous unrealistic ones) and make it captive to Christ..."

I think of Abraham. Promised a child. Jumped the gun because he and his wife were getting too old. It bit them in the butt. But God was STILL good and still faithful to His promise. And he did have a child (actually, he eventually had several). I know God has promised me a new start and another man that will love me, so I stand in Faith and Hope (and with realistic expectations) about how that will all come about. But until then, I'm gonna fight this beast in my mind...send it packing to Jesus, because if its just me fighting these thoughts, I'm no doubt gonna lose.

So to might be amazing, you might be a creep...but I will never know until I hit the brakes on our Invisible-Non-Existent Relationship, and start thinking more logically. So for now, let me just concentrate on us being friends.

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Kara said...

So my question is when is small group again?