Thursday, April 9, 2009

Living a Box-Less Life

My sincerest apologies for the blog silence the last few weeks. I have some circumstances arise that have given me alot to think about, but little to write. I mean, I have had alot on my mind lately.


Last Sunday, at the peak of my frustration with current situations, I was driving to the Dollar Tree, and I began to just talk to God. I asked Him to help me find more ministry opportunities. The conversation was that simple. I stepped into the store a few minutes after that, greeted by a mentally challenged girl with a smile that immediately melted my heart and left a lasting impression on my soul. Normally I would've just passed her by, but her smile blessed my heart so much, I couldn't stop thinking about it. As I shopped, I saw a woman in a wheelchair pushing a grocery cart by herself. I walked away from her, thinking, I would love to push that grocery cart and just spend some time with her. After that I passed an older lady cutting her own grass, I drove by thinking, I would love to be able to cut her grass for her.

I began to realize that I asked for ministry opportunities, and God was beginning to provide them. They came in packages I would not have readily recognized in the past. They weren't familiar ministries that I have felt I was "called" to be apart of. And I began to understand that for years I have boxed myself in to a corner, where I have missed thousands of ministry opportunities because it was "my calling". I have blatantly misused the verse in the Bible, regarding people using the gifts they have, as a crutch and an excuse for me not to help others.

We limit the extent of our ministry and how much God can use when we use the phrase "thats not my gift". I have felt like the only tangible ministry I had to offer, was the experiences of my widowhood, but God wants to take my box, and tear it wide open, exposing me to multiple ministry opportunities. Opportunities to bless people in ways that I couldn't have imagined myself being able to do. God is challenging me to live a box-less life in all my ways of thinking. To see past the way I see my "abilities" and "inabilities" and see through His see a hurting world, waiting for someone to simply just show them they care. That's how we reach people..."with one random act of kindness at a time".


Brittany said...


Ok, you got my attention.
Just today, I told my best friend, "that's not my gift."

Thank you for giving me some perspective.
God is already using YOUR ministry more than you could know this side of heaven.

Chillin' with Lemonade said...


Brittany said...

Hi Sarah!
I am a fan of your site!

I wanted to let you know that I am awarding you with the "I'm a Fan of Your Site" award!

If you accept awards, please visit my blog to pick it up. :)

Thank you for being so transparent with your joys and struggles. I enjoy reading your thoughts, and I pray for you every time I comment.

P.S. I am not stalking you! :)